Andrew's Bar Mitzvah Commentary
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Commentary on V'etchanan



Andrew's Commentary

My Dad and I were studying one night and Dad said that
he was wondering why Moses wasn’t allowed into the Promised Land. 
Most of us had heard the story in Religion School with the explanation
that Moses hit the rock to obtain water rather than talking to the rock. 
Doesn’t that seem like a smallthing for such a large punishment? 
We researched this question and the reference book said when G-d told Moses
and Aaron to get water from the rock, Moses went to the rock and struck
it, saying “Shall we get water from this rock?”, as opposed to “Shall G-d
get water from this rock”.

 In the Bible, you almost never hear about the sons
of Moses.  Moses’ sons were Garshon and Elizier.  This comes
to my attention because G-d says “Command Joshua, strengthen him and encourage
him, because he will cross in front of this people”, instead of “Command
Garshon” or “Command Elizier”.  It isn’t easy being the son of a great

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