The following is a partial list of the movies, books and CDs that the Tallahassee Jewish Federation has bought for the Tallahassee Community.  These are currently in the Leon County Libraries.  Take a look. You may be surprised by the materials available. Check with the Library to see in which branch they reside
If you can't wait to read any of these, I provided a way to link and buy many of these materials, either at Barnes & Noble, Jewish Music, or Ergo Media.
Gary Sokolow - Tallahassee Florida

The Collections



Jewish Literacy - Reference
Synopsis In this collection of 346 important facts about Judaism and its people, Telushkin ranges through all of Jewish history and literature to extract the enduring concepts one needs to know in order to be a well-informed, modern Jew.

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Biblical Literacy - Rabbi Joseph Telushkin (it's in Reference downtown)

Encyclopedic in scope, but dynamic and original in its observations and organization, Biblical Literacy makes available in one volume the Bible's timeless stories of love, deceit, and the human condition; its most important laws and ideas; and an annotated listing of all 613 laws of the Torah. For both layman and professional, there is no other reference work or interpretation of the Bible quite like this stunning volume.
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Jewish Wisdom - Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
Synopsis This companion volume to Jewish Literacy (the bestselling Jewish book of 1993) explains the essential Jewish teachings and how they have shaped the Jewish religion, its people, culture and history. Organized by subject, the book illuminates every aspect of human life with passages from the most important texts in Judaism.

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Night Trilogy - Ellie Wiesel

Invisible Lines of Connection
In these stories of how the miraculous appears in the midst of the ordinary, Kushner awakens listeners to the possibilities of meaning in everyday life. Exploring encounters with friends, family, and strangers, he discovers the flashes of spiritual insight that can appear in any moment. Kushner ties together the stories of people's lives into a roadmap showing how everything "ordinary" is supercharged with meaning--"if" people can just see it.
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Witness to the Holocaust
Reading like a novel, Michael Berenbaum's Witness to the Holocaust is an authoritative distillation of crucial Nazi documents and the testimony of the victims and the principal perpetrators of that event. Berenbaum has given us a highly readable resource for both an overview and an in-depth understanding of the Holocaust. " --Richard Rubenstein
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Historical Atlas of the Jewish People
Synopsis The history of the Jews spans more than two millennia and encompasses most parts of the globe. Featuring hundreds of brilliantly detailed maps, photographs, and drawings, and rich with chronologies and commentaries by leading experts, this beautifully designed volume sets forth this amazing saga pictorially in an authoritative work of scholarship.
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To see more about these and others go to Ergo/Jewish

The Dybbuk (Der Dibuk)
This classic adaptation of S. Ansky's story of unfulfilled love, broken promises, and the supernatural is about a "dybbuk" who enters his beloved's body and possesses her. Considered one of the great Yiddish films! With Avrom Marevsky, Isaac Samberg, Lili Liliana, Max Bozyk and Leon Liebgold. Poland. Directed by Michal Waszynski.

"It has an enthralling power and is magnificently acted."-International Herald-Tribune
120 min., #722, B&W, 1937, , Yiddish w/Eng. subtitles, $39.95

Europa, Europa - Popular movie

Yentle - Popular Movie with Barbara Streisand

Shalom Sesame (Shows 1-11) - The Popular show done in Israel

Chanukah at Bubbe's - Ergo Video for Kids

Passover at Bubbe's - Ergo Video for Kids

The Longest Hatred
This fascinating video provides an analysis of the history of anti-Semitism. Divided into three segments, the British production traces the insidious hatred toward Jews from its earliest manifestations in antiquity to the cataclysmic outbreaks of the twentieth century in Nazi Germany, Russia and elsewhere. The first part traces the troubled relations between Judaism and Christianity from Roman times through the present. Part II demonstrates that whenever there is extreme nationalism there is anti-Semitism. The third part focuses on anti-Semitism among Muslims. A powerful and provocative study!

150 min., #103, Color, $49.95 Release on January 15, 1998

Yidl Mitn Fidl (Yidl with a Fiddle)
Molly Picon plays a young woman who poses as a man in order to join a band of musicians travelling the Polish countryside. She falls in love with one of her colleagues with delightfully humorous results. Filled with music and charm, Molly, in her greatest role, amuses and entertains. Also with Simche Fostel, Max Bozyk and Leon Liebgold. Poland.

"Miss Picon puts so much infectious gayety...that the result is genuine entertainment."-New York Times
92 min., #710, B&W, 1936, Yiddish w/new Eng. subtitles,

Topol plays Sallah, a new immigrant to Israel, who arrives with his large family from the Orient. He lands in a ramshackle transit camp that arouses his disgust and decides to take on the bureaucracy. This heartwarming story is filled with humor, romance and satire. Also with Gila Almagor, Arik Einstein and Geula Noni. Written and directed by Ephraim Kishon.

"Sallah is fun!...warm of heart, shrewd of head and rascally to the core."-New York Herald Tribune

Academy Award Nominee- "Best Foreign Film"
ISBN 1-56082-004-7 105 min., #533, B&W, 1965, Hebrew w/Eng. subtitles, $59.95

Granpa's Tree
A Jewish American student comes to Israel to locate his grandfather's tree, planted a half century earlier in a Jewish National Fund grove. In the course of his search, we learn about contemporary Israel, its emphasis on land reclamation and afforestation, and about Tu B'Shevat, Arbor Day.

The Shirim K'tanim Song Festival
A fun-filled hour of the best selected Hebrew songs from the popular Shirim K'tanim series. This newly prepared version, geared for American children, features 33 well known Hebrew songs (with English subtitles as well as Hebrew transliteration) on subjects dealing with the Aleph-Bet, Jewish months of the year, songs for all the Jewish holidays year-round, and more. Stars Uzi Chitman and Hanny Nahmias are joined by adorable claymation figures. Comes with accompanying song booklet. Ages 2-11.
60 min., #233, Color, $25.95

On one level, this animated video is a charming retelling of the Hanukah story, the struggle of a people to maintain its religious beliefs and observances in the face of adversity. On another level, it addresses the issue of religious freedom and "the right to be different." Children will enjoy watching the program, with its colorful animation and beautiful music. Recommended for children ages 3-11. Voices by Paul Michael Glaser and Leonard Nimoy. Narrated by Judd Hirsch.

Almonds and Raisins: A History of Yiddish Cinema
Russ Karel's wonderful history of the phenomenon of Yiddish cinema, as remembered by the actors, directors and producers who created it. Includes excerpts from many of the films of that vanished era. Narrated by Orson Welles. A wonderful collector's item!
"Fascinating! A compelling, feeling film that evokes a past never to be revived."-New York Times
90 min., #731, B&W,

The Imported Bridegroom
Pamela Berger's film about a wealthy widower in turn-of the-century America. On a visit back to the "Old Country," he observes the richest men "bidding" for Shaya, the brilliant student, in order to secure him as a bridegroom for their daughters. Believing that to support such a scholar is a sure ticket to heaven, Asriel shrewdly wins the bidding war and brings this "perfect" bridegroom home for his "American" daughter. But she has other plans. A delightful romantic comedy! With Eugene Troobnick and Avi Hoffman. Adapted from an Abraham Cahan novella.

"An endearing film about the immigrant experience....outstanding performances."-The Boston Globe
ISBN 1-56082-103-5 93 min., #410, Color, $29.95 Institutions (w/performance license): $59.95

The Golem of L.A.
Ed Asner stars as Rabbi Judah Lowenstein, the elderly Rabbi of Los Angeles' oldest remaining synagogue, in Lewis Schoenbrun's contemporary version of 'The Golem'. Twenty-one year old David cannot fully comprehend his grandfather's love for the Rabbi's congregation. When the 75 year old house of worship is about to be demolished to make way for luxury apartments, Grandpa, in a final dramatic act of desperation, enlists the aid of the supernatural in resolving the crisis. Set against the background of urban 1990's America, the story provides keen insight into the modern-day Jewish generation gap.

Competition Winner, Saguaro Film Festival Gold Award, Worldfest, Houston Int'l Film Festival Winner of the CINE Gold Eagle
ISBN 1-56082-164-7 25 min., #435, Color, $29.95

Tevye der Milkhiker (Tevye the Milkman)
The adaptation of Sholom Aleichem's now classic story, made decades before Fiddler On The Roof, in which one of the daughters, Khave, falls in love with and marries a Gentile. This intermarriage places Tevye's paternal affection in direct conflict with his deep commitment to religious tradition. With Maurice Schwartz, Miriam Riselle and Leon Liebgold. USA. Directed by Maurice Schwartz.

"One of the more extraordinary performances in film history."-Soho Weekly News
ISBN 1-56082-007-1 96 min., #742, B&W, 1939, Yiddish w/new Eng. subtitles, $49.95

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - Documentary

West of Hester Street - Story of Jewish Immigrants in the American West


Music CDs

  • Woodshlock - Shlock Rock

  • Description: In their ninth outing, Schlock Rock takes aim at the baby boomers with light hearted parodies of 'Hot, Hot, Hot' , Mamas and Papas, Beatles, and, Paul Simon.

    Listen here (requires Real Player)

  • Keep the Light Shining - Michael Ian Elias

  • Listen here (requires Real Player)
  • Jewish Holiday Songs for Children

  • Possibilities for Buying in 1999

    If these are already in the Library, I would like to buy additional since some are in the "Reference" section and cannot be checked out.
  • Your Jewish Lexicon

  • Read more about it (or buy it)
  • ArtScroll Siddur Nusach Sefard -  Nosson Scherman
  • Judaism and Spiritual Ethics - Niles Goldstein and Steven Mason
  • Hello, Hello, are you there G-d? - Molly Cone
  • The Empty Chair - (finding hope and Joy - timeless wisdom from a Hasidic master, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov)
  • Ecology and the Jewish Spirit -  Edited by Ellen Bernstein
  • Biblical Literacy: The Most Important People, Events, and Ideas of the Hebrew Bible Joseph Telushkin
  • The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels Thomas A. Cahill
  • Jewish Literacy: The Most Important Things to Know about the Jewish Religion, Its People and Its History Joseph Telushkin
  • Kaddish  - Leon Wieseltier
  • My People's Prayer Book: Traditional Prayers, Modern Commentaries, Lawrence A. Hoffman (Editor),Contribution by Marcia Falk,Contribution by Elliot N. Dorff
  • Jewish Humor: What the Best Jewish Jokes Say about the Jews, Vol. 1 In-Stock: . Joseph Telushkin
  • The Jews for Judaism Handbook

  • The Jews for Judaism Handbook, "The Jewish Response To Missionaries." By Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz This 40 page booklet is a clear, concise and easy to read handbook that is a superb inoculation against missionary efforts.
    Special Ordering Instructions: Please send $3.95 (plus $1.25 postage and handling), to the Los Angeles office of Jews for Judaism., PO Box 351235, Los Angeles 90035-1235

    Let me know what books you think we need and I'll try my best.
    Gary Sokolow

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