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Our Photo Album: Picture of Gary and surfboard, David and Dianne Desouza on a Triumph Motorcycle, old family shots, and the cover is a photo of us with my parents Mildred and David Sokolow
Gary Sokolow's Home Page: Gary's Home Page
Gary's Cookbook: Contains my famous Charoset and 3 can Enchiladas (Ready in 20 minutes from start of preparation)
Gary's Ninth Grade Hebrew School Site: The place to go for the latest on my class
Brian Sokolow's letter about my Ford Falcon: Cousin Brian Sokolow's letter about my Ford Falcon - around 1979 (you need Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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The Sokolow Home Page

Dear Friends- Happy 2000,

We hope the Holiday season and the New Year has been good to you.  We would like to give you the best wishes for blessings and happiness for the New Year.  So what’s been happening in our household last year? Here’s an update.

Andrew and Chase at Griffin Middle School Even though it’s a cliche, How fast they seem to grow! Andrew and Chase are both in band.  Andrew continues his playing of the trombone.  Chase decided to take up the baritone, also known as a euphonium or “mini-tuba”. Chase has been practicing up a storm. It is good to have at least two people in the house that can read music.  They can help their dad who only learned “by ear”.  Andrew got a guitar for Hanukkah and has started practicing with Gary.
  Andrew and Gary’s Bar Mitzvah Last summer Andrew and Gary celebrated Andrew’s coming of age (13) by conducting a Jewish Sabbath service and reading from the Torah (parchment scroll of the first five books of the Bible).  This required a lot of commitment and one year of study with our Rabbi. It went great! Andrew was wonderful as he helped lead the service and chant the Hebrew of his Torah lesson from Dueteronomy.  Gary also chanted a portion of the Torah and played guitar as part of the service.  We loved having family and friends join us in that occasion. Our plans for the next Bar Mitzvah include Chase and Wendy having a B’not Mitzvah or joint Bar/Bat Mitzvah. You may click on our bar mitzvah site below.

Andrew and Gary's Bar Mitzvah Site

  Summer Vacation on St. George Island Almost immediately after the Bar Mitzvah, our family packed the cars and bikes and headed for St. George Island. This is a wonderful (very un-commercial) resort only seventy-five miles away from Tallahassee on Gulf of Mexico. We rented a house on the beach for an entire week.  We’ve never done this before and the relaxation was very needed. We swam, biked, read and generally reveled in having nothing to do and having no phones to answer for seven full days. We feel so lucky to have this beautiful get-away so close to us.

Plans for Next Summer - Costa Rica A few months ago, Wendy informed us that she was taking the family to Costa Rica next summer to learn Spanish. We have been investigating a number of schools near the Capital city of San Jose.
These schools generally have four hour lessons in the morning Monday through Friday.  This leaves the afternoons and weekends to practice what we learned and to explore rain forests, volcanoes, jungles (with howler monkeys), and beaches.  Needless to say,  we can’t wait.
  If you would like to get in touch with us we can be found:

815 Alliegood Ave
Tallahassee, Florida 32303

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