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This is an informal and unoffical  site to help those interested in the Access Management and related programs of the Florida DOT and around the country.  If you have any questions contact me by email
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Table of Contents

1.    Access Management Forms
2.   Great Access Management Documents 
3.   Useful Web Sites
4.   Tools You Can Use
5.   Just for Fun


Access Management Forms

FDOT Access Management Forms Page: Adobe Acrobat (non-fillable and Wordperfect for the forms that can be filled out by the public)
FDOT Access Management - Adobe Fillable Forms  (these are NOT official, put here as a test)

Great Access Management Documents for your Library

Iowa's Access Management Handbook (Great Stuff - pages of useful info and pictures of good (and bad) examples)

New:Iowa's Access Management Frequently asked questions on Access Management (short discussions on subjects such as radius and shared driveways, and much much more)

FDOT's Median Handbook (Adobe Acrobat approx. 2 Megs)

Access Management, an overview ( by Elizabeth Humstone & Julie Campoli) EXCELLENT web site overview!!

Land Development and Subdivision  Regulations that Support Access Management (Kristine Williams - CUTR)
Adobe Acrobat

Economic Impacts of Access Management (Kristine Williams  - CUTR ) - Excellent summary of research from all over the US)

Managing Corridor Development: A Municipal Handbook (CUTR - Great source on the full range of strategies in corridor management)

Useful Web Sites

FDOT's Access Management Page

CUTRs Access Management Publication's Page - lots of great documents for your library

Florida Intrastate Highway System - Florida's Strategic Highway System

New: Portland's Blue Bike Lanes

Portland's Blue Bike Lanes

Acrobat Report on Blue Bike Lanes

Boston Metro Article on Blue Lanes

AASHTO Investigation of Blue Lanes

Tools You Can Use

Spreadsheet for Trip Generation (Based on ITE 6th Edition)- Lotus 1-2-3 but easily translated to Excel.

Just for Fun

New:Exploding Whale Sources[The Exploding Whale]
New:Computer Video Files of Whale
New:Actual Video 11.1 Megs (Quicktime)

Louie Louie
The MP3 for the original

The Louie Louie Pages
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New:Great Advertisements
Ad Critic - link to the best Superbowl Ads

Link to download the best TV Commercials of the Superbowl 34 2000(Including the Cat Hearders)

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