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This is a photo of my Father's Mother's side of the family (Chernak). It was taken in what was then Rumania and now Moldova.

My Paternal Grandmother's Family in Faleshti

From Left to Right:

1. Israel Malmin (Fetter 'Scrool)- He was the caretaker of the Shul where this photo was taken

2. Mini-Riva Malmin

3. Hudel Leah (Ulga) Chernak - Scrool's sister

4. Tova-Sona (David) Chernak (My father was named after him and he is my grandmother's grandfather)

Notes: Tova/David took my grandmother to the U.S. but took her home because the U.S. was not Kosher enough (he didn't consider turkey kosher). My grandmother was taken to the U.S by her parents later and then she stayed.