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From the Kitchen of sokolowg

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Servings: 20 small servings to be used with matzoh at the seder
Preparation Time: Half Hour (best if left over night)

Recipe Ingredients

4 Chopped Apples1/2 Cup Raisins
10 oz California Chopped Dates
Small package of chopped figs
(be sure to cut off stems)
(be sure to throw out the super dried out ones)
1 cup of Walnuts - hand break into smaller pieces
Handful of slivered almonds
Lots of Sweet Kosher Wine
Lots of honey
Cinnamon - You can use lots
Nutmeg - just a little

Recipe Directions

Well, I could give you lots of measurments, but I don't think it would give you the best Charoset.Some people like a charoset that is like a smooth apple sauce. Well, this is NOT one of those.

First do your chopping. The apples should be in quarter inch cubes. There should be no skin on the apples. You can do this real easy if you create wedges of the apple, and then slice of the skin and core before chopping.

Put this in the bowl first. Add the raisins and put in at least half of your chopped dates. You should use the ones with that are rolled in confectionery sugar (but natural will do fine also).

Mix with a fork then add the figs and your broken up walnuts (you can use pecans - it's very southern - but I find that the walnuts have just the right taste.

Mix and stir in a few "glugs" of sweet kosher wine and a bunch (1/3 to 1/2 cup of honey)

Add some sugar.

You should be tasting this as you go to check for consistaency and sweetness

Add some cinnamon.

SPECIAL NOTE: It would be difficult (maybe impossible) to add too much honey, cinnamon, or sweet kosher wine.

Add a little (1/2 tsp) of nutmeg and stir in well.

Top of with a handful of slivered almonds.

Make enough that some is left over to put in the refrigerator over night.
This stuff is great with matzoh and a little horseradish in your Hillel sandwich (matzoh - charoset - dash of horseradish - matzoh)

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