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The Summer in Costa Rica

Our biggest news of the year was our 4 weeks in Costa Rica. We went to study Spanish and to learn about another culture. We lived in a city called Heredia, just 10 miles north of the Capital of San Jose. We stayed with a Costa Rican family and attended Spanish classes every weekday. We walked everywhere we needed to go, shopped, of course, and really learned a lot about life in Latin America. We saw rain forests, beautiful beaches, wild monkeys, and coffee plantations. Great memories and wonderful new friends: the Reis family, Roberto, David and Zaida, and Lorna. Gary was the only one ready to come home! We put together a web site with photos and journal entries at:

Andrew and Chase in School

Andrew, now 14, is in high school. He plays guitar and rows with the Leon High rowing team. This is quite a commitment and keeps him busy until late at night most week nights. He won a silver and gold medal at his first regatta. Chase, still the younger brother, is 12, and in the 7th grade. He plays in the band and enjoys brain bowl practices. Our boys are serious computer game fans and major users of the latest music technology on the Internet (MP3s).

Chase's Bar Mitzvah

Chase and Wendy have begun studying for their Bar Mitzvah ceremony (actually, with a male and female, it's called a b'nai mitzvah - or becoming a child of the commandments). It's great to see them studying together. In October of 2001 they will read the first chapters and verses of the Genesis. Their portion is called simply "In the beginning".

How to reach us

815 Alliegood Ave
Tallahassee, Florida 32303

Our E-mail Addresses
Wendy - laundry.woman@juno.com
Gary - gary.sokolow@writeme.com
Andrew - andrew_sokolow@yahoo.com
Chase - chase_sokolow@yahoo.com

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is the guntower in the city of Heredia, Costa Rica.

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