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This is the Home Page of Gary's Sokolow's Ninth Grade Hebrew School Class 

This is the place where my class can get information on lesson plans and information on other links of Jewish interest.

We have our own discussion site on the Internet - Try it out.
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Artwork on the Dybbuk, a Yiddish language movie we saw in our class.  The movie (1937 - Poland) dealt with issues such as love, death, and the occult (Kabalah). A heartbreaker, where only in death, did the couple in love get to be together. The theme song of this movie was the "Song of Songs" (Shir ha'Shirim) from the Bible

click this graphic for a Real Audio recording of the Song of Songs
" The world was never so worthy a place
     as when the Song of Songs was presented to it.
   For if all scriptures are holy,
    the Song of Songs is the Holy of Holies."

                                                                                  Rabbi Akiva

The Dybbuk: Go see a description of the movie.

Kabbalah Beginner's Guide - Go here to find a beginner's guide to Jewish Mysticism.

Links you can use from stuff we covered in class

The Dybbuk: Go see a description of the movie we just saw in class

How to Answer Christian Missionaries: Go here to see the arguments they use and how they use our Scriptures (incorrectly) to convince us to become Christians

Jewish Recipe Archive: Lots of great Jewish recipes

Jewish Family & Life: Home Page

Recipe for the best Charoset - Really : This recipe has made me a mortal enemy of some of the nicest old ladies I know - They're jealous

My father's mother's family in Rumania: This is a real old photo of the family in Falsheti which is now in Moldova

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