Pharaoh - Pharaoh

(sung to the tune of Louie-Louie)
Harold Knepper & Jim Jessup

         - Chorus -

Pharaoh-Pharaoh Oh-Oh,
Let my people go,
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah,
Pharaoh-Pharaoh Oh-Oh,
Let my people go.

Well a burnin bush told me just the other day
That I should come over here and stay
Gotta get my people outa Pharaohs hand
And lead them all to the Promised Land.

I said Pharaoh Pharaoh .......

Well me and our people comin to the Red Sea,
And Pharaohs army comin after me,
I raised my rod and stuck it in the sand,
And  all of our people walked across dry land.

I said Pharaoh Pharaoh .......

Wella Pharaohs army is comin too,
So what do ya think I did do,
I looked out over the water to see
Pharaohs army drowned in the Red Sea.
I said Pharaoh Pharaoh .......