Helpful Planning Files
Helpful Planning Files

These are group of files ........


Excellent Presenters and Presentations

The workshops were a great addition
Jerry Gluck (Impacts of AM)
Laura Firtel (Access Management Corridor Project)
Bob Layton (Multi Modal Impacts)
George Black (the keynote speaker)
Peter Parsonson (safety research)
Ismart/Sokolow (HCM and Median Analysis)

Other Thoughts

Things we wish we did

Gave a small price break to Presenters/Moderators ( It would have helped establish that they need to pay something). We did not make this clear in the literature (letters or brochures)
Have a written refund policy and have it clearly stated on the brochures
Used less expensive, local gifts (like the honey)
Had established Moderator meetings the day of their service

Things we did that we were really glad we did

Made paper copies of all checks and LPOs
Established a very responsible local Department contact to handle local volunteers and arrangements (This was Beth Coe of our Ft Lauderdale Office)
(Computer presentations) Worked real closely with staff and volunteers on computer projection services. These volunteers need not only supply the equipment, but the expertise and they also need to keep an eye on the equipment during breaks.

Things we wish we didnít do

Spend lots of time printing tickets for all lunches and events (as well as give-aways, such as luggage tags). It wasnít worth it.
Hand out the speaker gifts at the conference. It would have been a lot easier to mail them after the conference

Gary Sokolow

605 Suwannee St #19