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Opening Thoughts

..............regular people who pick you up.

 If you think about it, the only people who would give you a ride would be risk takers by nature (or Jesus Freaks - but that's another story).  Theses people tend to live on the edge and you're risking your life by riding with them.   We once got a long ride in Texas from a man in a large luxury car drinking directly from a Jim Beem bottle.  He was headed to Beaumont and he know exactly how much to drink so he would be drunk (and unable to drive any further in his estimation) by the time he arrived in Beaumont.  True to his word, as we approached Beaumont he was weaving all over the highway.  Now as I try to collect my memories, he actually started his impaired driving as we started our drive.  We were lucky.  I remember him telling Steve and I that he was ex-military and he was very regimented.  He knew exactly how much to drink and when.  He also bragged about how well thought out his days and life were.  This regimentation made him content.  He liked it that way, and thought we should be that way also.  I remember getting out of his car at a motel parking lot where he was going to stay. He staggered out of his car to the motel office as we continued on to our trip.   Continue