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Other Memories

There are a few other stories I remember, with a little prodding from Steve.  We hitched a few rides to St. Louis, MO to see his sister and then to New York where his mother lived in Port Washington, Long Island.  I remember being picked up by a police officer who felt sorry for us alone on the Teuconic Parkway.  He took us to Poughkipsie to a motel.  He was kind but Steve reminded me that he drove close to 100 miles per hour along the Parkway which is probably unsafe at 60 MPH.

I remember getting lost in New York City and asking directions from a little older Jewish lady and before we knew  it a crowd of seniors were arguing with her on the best directions to where we were going (I think it was the Guggenheim Museum).

There was a night in Texas, before we reached San Antonio when the carload of us hitchhikers and those that picked us up spent the night at the Salvation Army (called the “Sally”).  As we were checking in they asked each of us, “Protestant or Catholic?”.  When I said “Jewish” it through them for a loop. They went on to ask Steve,  “Protestant or Catholic?”, he said “Jewish” and I think it changed their methodology.  From them on that night I heard them asking for the person’s name and then ,“Protestant, Catholic or Jewish?”